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Verizon “can you hear me now?” guy at Sprint

Sprint logo grey backgroundVerizon’s near universally hated mascot (at least in my circles,) for nine years, the “can you hear me now? Good!” guy was picked up by Sprint and a media blitz has begun with Sprint releasing several commercials that skew reality slightly and create a more favorable reality bent world for Sprint to exist in.

Not that that’s not the case with most carriers’ advertising these days, but anyway. Here me now guy is back and claiming that Sprint is the network reliability is now within 1% of Verizon’s. Whether that’s data, voice, or internet reliability I didn’t catch.

It seems a bit odd to me the big media push saying “we’re almost as good as the company we stole the mascot of.” But insert Kermit meme picture here saying it’s none of my business.

Sprint has made significant improvements in both LTE and calling in my area after years of acting dumbstruck when notified again and again that their service simply didn’t work, however I still find great dead zones where AT&T and T-Mobile rule the earth in Nashville. My experience and yours will probably vary.

With all the carriers claiming they’re the best, if you want to know a real representation and not a fake carrier-provided map, you can download the Sensorly App and see what real users of your network and competing carriers are getting in terms of speed, signal reliability, etc. Don’t believe the ads.

[USA Today] (warning: autoplay annoying commercial)

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