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Why is the fastest internet the slowest rollout?

SlowIn Nashville we’ve been the subject of a Google Fiber invasion and rollout for the past 18 months and after all of this time with miles of fiber optic cable being planted since the middle of last year Google Fiber has turned up a massive four locations.


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In other words, it’s not Fantastic.

Those four buildings have had internet for months, the buildings and businesses next to them, not so much. So what’s the holdup you might wonder?

Evidently the issue is according to the Nashville Scene is that the last leg of your fiber journey comes across telephone poles, which are owned by the Nashville Electric Service and subject to standard telco laws.

This means Google has to go through a process called Make Ready that involves notifying NES (pole owners,) who notify each company who owns lines going through (telcos, cable, tin can and string conglomerate,) that they have to send their crews to the pole and move their equipment to accommodate the new party, which can take months.

Of course anyone looking at these telephone poles is probably wondering why anything has to be moved at all, and Google Fiber is among these people and pushing legislation known as One Touch Make Ready to allow one operator to move another operator’s shit providing they use a contractor approved by the pole owner.

While that sounds all awesome, evidently Fiber contractors have damaged competitor’s equipment already, so they’re using that as a reason to dig in heels and try to force delays and maintain their high speed monopoly. AT&T is also dead set against allowing an approved contractor to handle their copper.

So not only can Google not tell you when fiber is coming, they also don’t particularly know themselves.

And because like a bachelor party that never planned to see nudity, they’ve ended up as the last ones at the pole after that one friend just wouldn’t let it go, they have the most waiting to do.

[Nashville Scene]
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