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Introducing ZUS Kevlar reinforced USB C and Lightning cables

ZUS kevlar cableI’d like to have done this as a review where I tested these to breaking or to giving up, but thus far I’ve only managed to make the Kevlar-reinforced cables dirty. Supposedly they’re the last Lightning and USB-C cables you’ll ever need, and if you have to tow a truck with them you might be able to accomplish that based on videos.

My rather lame tests have concluded that they can support my weight, be stomped on, and you can look at them funny and they still work for charging and data. Sadly none of the vehicles I have access to possess a tow hitch or I’d attempt to destroy them that way.

While you can see a video labeled “ZUS cable tows 4000 pounds” on their website, it’s not exactly a correct test as it’s only got about 200 pounds of pull on it. Still, 200 pounds on a sub $20 power/data cable and it still works, impressive.

ZUS KevlarZUS KevlarZUS KevlarZUS Kevlar

For a nigh-indestructible cable it comes overly packaged. If I were them I’d save on the packaging and just ship them in a tiny block of lead and let you chisel them out. I guess they’re going more for presentation factor than practical, but it does seem a little silly to put that much padding into something to protect something that doesn’t need protection.

While the cable itself is quite well protected, it should be noted that the USB-A and C (or lightning) sides are not particularly special. They’re the cable’s main achilles heel and will probably wear out before you reach the bend limit.

Anyway, I’m going to try and destroy these more and if I manage to I’ll update you. I’m going to check if it’s safe to tie it around the wheel of my Element and drive home with it tonight.

The ZUS Kevlar cable is available for preorder on Indiegogo and has received 3,185% of the funding they set out for.

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