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Sound Intone MS200 Gaming Stereo Headset review

Sound Intone MS200 Gaming Stereo Headset reviewThe Sound Intone MS200 headset is a low priced on-ear headset aimed at the gaming audience with decent treble and surprising bass at a reasonable price.

I played around with them on my HTC 10, set up a sound profile, noticed the sound profile looked surprisingly like the earbuds I love with a passion, and listened to some music in FLAC format to see how it compared. As expected, it didn’t fare as well. We’re not comparing the same class or style, so no big whoop there.

I did a little mucking around with boom sounds. Not to be confused with BoomSound. I’m talking video game sounding audio, and it really does well at that.

the Sound Intone MS200 is designed for someone with a head probably smaller than mine (XXL motorcycle (Scorpion, Harley,) XL+ hat,) as at the maximum extension it just barely works on me. That’s OK, I have a large head and have learned to accept my fate. As such, for me they don’t fit quite comfortably. They ride just a little bit too high.

I’d say if you’ve got an XL+ head, you might want to pass on by.

Sound Intone MS200 Gaming Stereo Headset review

The headphones also lack a horizontal pivot feature meaning the back of your ear might be getting more pressure than the front. They do, however pivot so that the top and bottom of the ear should receive equal pressure. For me, with ears that have a fairly stiff antitragus through antihelix, this means I have to push the headphones back just a bit which changes the sound and sort of breaks the seal.

Sound Intone MS200 Gaming Stereo Headset review

After about 15 minutes blasting my music they became uncomfortable to me and I found myself repositioning the headband back in an attempt to get a better seal and relieve a little pressure.

Fit aside, from what I can tell the audio is pretty decent and I wouldn’t hate these for gaming. Unfortunately as I can’t change my head size and my ears are not going to soften up, the fit and lack of horizontal pivot dulled the experience for me.

Sound Intone MS200 Gaming Stereo Headset review

The five foot cord with 3.5mm jack also worry me just a little bit as I know how I move when gaming. I might be a little spazzier than most but a little longer cable or a quick breakaway magnetic audio connector would be appreciated.

Overall though, they’re under $17, if they fit you they’re nice. If they don’t fit well, return them.

You can grab the Sound Intone MS200 Gaming Stereo Headset on Amazon for $16.98

Potentially you can save $6.99 with the code : HAWY4A6M and make those $11ish

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