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Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale Review

If you’re like me you can probably stand to shed a few pounds. And if you’re not like me there’s a good chance you want to avoid gaining any weight. I recently decided to lose some of the weight I’ve been accumulating over the last couple of years. In support of that effort my wife and I decided to buy a new bathroom scale. We wanted to find one that can connect to our smartphones and make the weight tracking process easier. After a bit of research we agreed on the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale. Amazon has it for $60 but you can also buy it from Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. For a few dollars more Weight Gurus has a WiFi version available, though I haven’t tested it. Read on to learn more about my experience.


I had a few requirements for any connected scale – multiple users,  a free phone app, easy phone syncing, and additional service integration. The Bluetooth Smart Scale hits on all of these. In addition to weight it also measures body fat, lean mass, water weight, and bone mass. It’s accurate up to a tenth of a pound and supports users up to 400 pounds. It can be configured for pounds or kilograms.

weightguru1The scale can hold data for up to eight users and assigns each a user number. Registering users is simple and the scale automatically tracks different users if their body makeup is dissimilar enough. Otherwise there are foot activated buttons on the scale to select your user number. It’s not going to confuse my measurements with my wife’s any time soon so this system has worked great for me. A nice touch is that the scale’s memory will hold your weigh-ins for a few days. Forget to sync after weighing in for a day or two? No problem. It’ll true up next time.

Weight Gurus offers an app for Android and iOS that will help you get the most out of the scale. Use the app to register new users and setup the Bluetooth connection required for syncing. After initial setup, the app handles measurement syncing and has some graphs to visualize your progress. Weigh-ins are organized by month and graphs are available to see weekly, monthly, yearly, and all-time progress. The app also allows you to set a goal weight. Your data is also synced to the cloud and can be accessed at weightgurus.com and can be connected to Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit.


I only have a couple of small complaints. The app doesn’t handle multiple weigh-ins on the same day very well. I normally weigh-in first thing in the morning. That’s the weight that counts for me. Sometimes, however, I’ll also check in at night to see how the day has impacted me. The app will track both weigh-ins, but the most recent one becomes the weight of record. I’d prefer it to favor the lowest number. You can manually remove weights to get things back in order but it is kind of a pain.

The other problem is with the Bluetooth syncing itself. Now, I’ve never had any connection issues. The phone and scale sync when you tell them to sync. The problem is that you must have the app open on your phone, and you must open it before weighing in, in order for the data to sync. There is no background syncing. If you forget to launch the app before stepping on the scale you’ll need to wait until your next weigh-in for the data to upload. Since the scale holds a few days worth of entries this isn’t a deal breaker but it is annoying.


The Bluetooth Smart Scale is a good scale. It seems accurate based on some comparison weighing I’ve done. The ability to “automatically” track your weight is nice. The app could use some polish but it gets the job done. It was a good purchase and is a nice way to extend a smartphone’s usefulness. I recommend it.

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