CHOETECH USB-C Fast Wireless Charging Pad Review

CHOETECH Fast Wireless Qi Charger and Note 7

CHOETECH has become one of my go-to sources for phone charging accessories. I recently purchased and reviewed their multi-port charger and car charger. Both were excellent and I use them daily. Today I’m taking a look at their USB-C Fast Wireless Charging Pad. It’s a Qi compatible wireless charger that also supports fast charging on certain devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Note 7 phones.


Like all CHOETECH accessories I’ve used, the Fast Wireless Charging Pad is a quality product. There’s some aspect of each CHOETECH product that lets you know that some engineer or designer really though about how to make their products function better. The wireless charging pad is no different. The box contains the charging pad and a USB-C cable. The charging pad is a black compact rounded square with an LED status light on the front edge. There are four grippy rubber feet on the bottom to help keep the pad in place.

CHOETECH Qi Fast Wireless

Importantly, there are rubbery strips along each edge of the top surface. They really hold your device in place and keep it from slip-sliding around and coming off the magical Qi sweet spot. Not all Qi chargers are so endowed (I’m looking at you Samsung). As crazy as it may sound, these rubber grip strips are my favorite feature of this charger.

It’s nice that the charger has such a small footprint. As more and more devices and chargers fight for space on my desk and nightstand it’s important to minimize where I can.


One drawback to wireless charging is that you must line up the charging coil in your device exactly with the one in the charger. It’s located dead center on the CHOETECH charger, which is convenient, but it isn’t always centered on the phone. There have been numerous times through the years where my phone didn’t charge because I placed it on the charging pad incorrectly. You’ll want to be certain your phone is charging before you walk away from it.

The pad is compatible with all Qi devices. It’ll charge standard Qi devices at normal speeds. This worked great with the Moto Z, DROID Turbo, and Nexus 6 I tested with. I saw charging rates of about .5% per minute on my DROID Turbo.

Where the charger shines is with a Fast Wireless Charging device. If you happen to have a Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S7 series, Galaxy Note 5, or Galaxy Note 7 and a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 power brick you can take advantage of the enhanced speeds. The Galaxy Note 7 charged at about .75% per minute. That gets you a 30% charge in 40 minutes. That’s pretty good for Qi charging which usually charges at a slow trickle. Fast Qi has about 1.4 times the performance of regular Qi charging and that is right in line with what I saw. Of course, differing battery sizes make straight percentages imperfect comparisons.


If you are looking for a wireless charging solution then the CHOETECH USB-C Fast Wireless Charging Pad should meet your needs. It’s replaced the Samsung S Charger Pad I linked above for me. I like it’s size, rubbery surface, and performance. You can pick one up from Amazon for $24 with Prime shipping.


INPUT Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 5V3A
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