iClever Dual 10W Driver Portable Bluetooth Speaker – review

Why do I need a Bluetooth Speaker? I have asked myself. In fact, portable music devices are the bane of my existence. I cringe greatly each time someone is blasting embarrassingly bad music from their phone in public. With that in mind, I have been tasked to review the iClever Dual 10W Driver Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

The speaker has been kindly provided to me for the purpose of this review, otherwise, I don’t believe I would ever persuade myself into having one. Armed with this prejudice, and an array of other speakers and audio devices at home I’m taking a look at iClever Dual 10W Driver Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Physical Overview

iClever Dual 10W Driver Portable Bluetooth Speaker The first noticeable thing about the speaker is its very pleasant weight. The device is the size of a palm, but it’s slightly heavier than you would expect. I don’t see this as a negative, as the right weight to size ratio always gives me an impression of a quality product. Aluminium sturdy case is topped with a plastic panel sporting rubber buttons with a tactile feedback. On the right side, a rubber panel (little too flimsy in my opinion) hides a micro USB charging and additional AUX input (cables supplied).

The iClever Dual 10W Driver Portable Bluetooth Speaker is nicely made and does not make the creaking noise when squeezed, which often comes with plastic products. Construction looks like it could take some beating. The IPX6 rating assures me that the device will withstand an accidental plant watering.

I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that the iClever Bluetooth Speaker  has a hands free Bluetooth protocol and you could use the device as a conference call solution. Initially, I have tested this during a skype call and I was not impressed. The answer button failed to pick up the call, and I got a complaint that the microphone feels muffled despite picking up my voice ok.

The following day I made some standard calls over the speaker and I was able to answer the call, and actually enjoy it. The mic was able to pick up my voice even from 2m away. There were no complaints about the quality of my voice. After switching the sides I can confirm that the microphone quality is decent enough to have a conversation without any issues, and there is no loop feedback from my voice.

If you ever used the Bluetooth device, you should know that iClever Bluetooth Speaker comes with all standard features and shortcomings of that technology. There are audio controls to start/stop/skip the tracks, change the volume or input source and pair/answer the call.

The caveats include awkward source changes if you have multiple devices paired. Pretty standard annoyance for anyone using  Bluetooth gadgets.

Sound of  iClever Dual 10W Driver Portable Bluetooth Speaker

iClever Dual 10W Driver Portable Bluetooth Speaker My household competitors include a sound bar with a Bluetooth, two speaker docks for iPods, laptop speakers, mobile phones and tablets. Due to iClever Portable Bluetooth Speaker  size, it is not going to be a competitor to a Sony dock or soundbar, but this speaker easily outperformed all my mobiles, tablets and Beats audio certified laptop speakers.

The stereo sound is clean, with the  ‘enhanced bass’ making sure that the audio won’t fall flat. It is hard to speak of crystal clear highs and rich mid-tones on a device this size, especially streaming over A2DP. I would class the speaker among all typical DAB kitchen radios and similar devices.

You can see that despite my earlier prejudice I write this review in a positive fashion, even if I have  better ways of listening to the music. The reason behind this is the battery. I will be very honest here and say that I have stopped the battery test after 14h of constant playback. My phone reported that speaker still has about 60% left and iClever rates it at 10+h. The battery  life will depend also on how loud will you play the music, and I could easily run a party outdoor with this thing.



iClever Dual 10W Driver Portable Bluetooth Speaker Perhaps I’m not discovering a new continent here, but the fact that I no longer have to carry a power extension lead so I could listen to the music is a great advantage especially when the sound iClever Portable Bluetooth Speaker  produces is very reasonable considering the size and the price ($35.99). I will take the advantage of the IPX6 rating while gardening or creating clouds of sawdust in a garage. I’m also  tempted to use the speaker with my laptop as well. It won’t become my main way of listening to the music, however, iClever Bluetooth Speaker seems to play to its strengths in other regards.

There are few things to address:

  • Overly enthusiastic male voice will let you know each time that you are connected scary the first time, annoying later feature
  • Flimsy side cover seems out of place on a well built otherwise product
  • I’d like to see a  dedicated app to increase compatibility and to monitor the battery status would be much appreciated

If you are looking for a portable source of sound I have no problems recommending you the iClever Dual 10W Driver Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Please don’t turn in one of these public transport amateur DJs and try to spend your picnics enjoying the sounds of nature instead. I will enjoy a pocket size sound source next time I’m in the garage!

iClever Bluetooth speaker on$35.99)

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