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myCharge RazorPlatinum 13,400mA portable charger review

myCharge RazorPlatinumThe myCharge RazorPlatinum is the first portable charger with USB-C charging I’ve run across to date. It’s capable of charging phones via USB or USB-C, but more interestingly it’s capable of recharging any USB-C chargeable laptop (cough, MacBook, cough).

Not having a MacBook or any USB-C charging laptops to test this with I’ll just have to take them at their word that it charges a MacBook completely in a little over an hour and half.

The RazorPlatinum is capable of pushing 36 Watts out, is capable of 13,400mAh and can be recharged in about two hours with the proper charging gear (or about 26.8 hours using a slow old 500mA USB charger.)

In the phone world it’s just a massive battery with standards compliant USB C and USB charging (no proprietary Quick Charging that I can spot.)

myCharge RazorPlatinummyCharge RazorPlatinum

Power is indicated by four lights that activate when you shake the charger but thankfully go away to not make yet another light noise device. This is good for my sanity, but may not be your thing.

Most devices will kick right onto charging when you plug them in, but if they don’t, one shake and power’s activated.

I can’t really comment on how long this will last. I’ve reviewed a lot of myCharge’s devices and so far have one that died of operator error, one several years ago that died after a summer in a hot car, and several still in operation. Their batteries seem to be quite quality, the aluminum casing provides a good thermal venting.

I can’t get the temperature up on these, however I don’t have enough high-drain devices that I believe I could.

Looks good, fairly light, has so far been a quality brand since my G&E days. Little bit pricey for a phone charger, but if you need a phone and laptop charger it’s probably what you want.

You can get the myCharge RazorPlatinum from the manufacturer. Doesn’t appear there’re any other good spots to purchase it at the moment.

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