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AmpliFi HD, another couple of days, more observations

AmpliFi HD reviewI’ll lead with the good: moving one of the mesh points to where it claimed it was getting a worse signal increased speeds to above where they needed to be to stream UHD Blu-Ray quality (the 100 gig UHD, not the five gig web BS) to two devices over the air at the same time.

Doing the math 100 gigabytes = 800,000 megabits (no, don’t comment yet, there’s a method to my converting storage to speed connotation madness,) and the movie was about 94 minutes long (5640 seconds,) so the AmpliFi HD was only having to handle 141.84 mbit per UHD stream or about 300 out of the 5250 megabits the router claims it is capable of (across six radios).

I never thought that streaming two UHD streams would math out at that unimpressive. Looks at my stack of WRT54Gs on the corner, shakes head, sighs. Yeah, it would take three (actually more like seven due to their performance,) of the WRT54Gs to do one UHD stream.

So good point there.

Where I’m banging my head against the wall now with the currently released firmware is that I need to do one of the two following actions: either define a computer as a DMZ or forward a range of ports to a computer I have sitting in the network. There is no port range forward. I can do one port. This means attempting to set up an FTP that has to use PASV mode fails on coming back in. Rassafrassa.

This is probably not an issue most consumers are going to run into. I just happen to run a FTP at home that stores camera video from work and I have a new set of Amcrest cameras that refuse to play nice with non-PASV mode.

I also seriously want to be using network attached USB storage on this and may have to resort to breaking out an old router of mine to handle that.

Overall though as a consumer device the thing is still rocking and outperforming my two router solution I had previously (although if you want to get down to counting outlets used, this setup uses three, the old setup used two).

Anxiously awaiting some firmware updates. I’m rooting to have no complaints on this by the time it’s officially released.

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