Julian Assange’s internet cut, incredibly crappy reporting ensues

WikileaksWikileaks founder Julian Assange’s internet has been cut, or he’s been taken out in the street and shot, or he was poisoned by Pamala Anderson with a vegan sandwich. The hit was either commissioned by Hillary Clinton who went down and pulled the trigger herself, or by John Kerry who has Colombian soldiers ripping up the fiber optic cables to string Assange up by.

I’ve been reading so much garbage on this today it’s unreal. Seriously internet.

In short, an insanely stupid partisan game of Telephone is being played by bloggers with the only facts out there are that Assange is still in the embassy according to embassy officials, who could easily have killed Assange and strung him up by the fiber optic cables that were supporting Wikileaks (which is not hosted in the embassy,) and that a $29.99 a month mobile hotspot will get the Wikileaks founder back online if he wants it.

Blogs encouraging you to share the blogs before they’re taken down, or Wikileaks Podesta emails batch #11 that was released today goes down, or some hit squad comes to take out the internet, are reporting everything without doing much fact checking.

The issue occurred when some deadman codes were autoposted indicating Assange was dead, or had no internet for a couple of days in this case. What ensued was reporting to fit whatever political motive or conspiracy theory anyone might have had and drive traffic and advertising impressions.

So the embassy’s no longer funding an internet connection for a guy that’s causing them a major political headache and Wikileaks is going to have to pony up some money for a mobile hotspot, which they can walk in the next time Pamela Anderson decides to poison Assange with a vegan sandwich.

Anyhow, nothing much to see here unless you’re trying to see something. At worst with what we know someone asked for his internet to be cut because he was a pain and unless they install cell jammers next to the consulate there’s not much way to stop him from coming back.

Be interesting to see if the deadman codes unlock any secrets that were given to reporters.

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