Lumsing 5 port smart charger review

formatfactoryimag0421Lumsing sent us in a 5 port desk charger for evaluation, a deceptively simple unit it has no indications about quick charge of any type, simply a 40w total output among 5 ports. Appearance wise it’s pleasingly small and solid feeling, the ports are well spaced with none butted up against the others and the power cord is a fairly standard 2 pin affair meaning should it need lengthened or replaced.

Testing was fairly straight forward, I verified all ports to operate at 3amp/5v capacity(15 watts) the maximum they’re intended to, this isn’t as fast as QC 3.0 but is none the less fantastic when you have a mixture of older and newer devices alongside batteries and other accessories that somehow all end up nearly dead at the same time.

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I was concerned that this charger may have issues with all 5 ports simultaneously loaded and evaluated this by attaching devices to all ports at once. The devices used in this test were two Samsung galaxy tab2 tablets, a HTC10 and M8, and a Lumsing power bank. Although I did not observe a full 40w worth of load in this situation my Kill-A-Watt was reading 35 at it’s peak without any real heat output from the unit, very impressive for a device it’s size. I did take per port measurements however smart charging was working against me in this regard bouncing it’s output capacity around as i was measuring, a quick back of napkin calculation puts what i measured port side in excess of 50 watts worth of output(the Kill-A-Watt has a measurement tolerance but not nearly that high) The upside of this is that it was obviously shifting current between devices in an intelligent manner.


Overall I’m fairly impressed, It’s a small and solid charger for anyone with a large set of devices and with a family who seems to always kill all their devices at once the value of not fighting over just one or two ports can’t be understated. It’s currently for sale here on amazon for 12.99, a steal for battery hungry families.

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