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Lumsing USB Type C 3.1 to Type C 3.1 cable review

Lumsing USB C cableThe biggest problem I’ve encountered with USB type C cables since upgrading to the HTC 10 is that I don’t have many and the prices are up there. Lumsing’s got one of the more reasonably priced offerings for a stiff USB C to USB C cable, but we’re still in the early days of cable production and that’s still a little spendy.

The cable works, the ends feel solid. I don’t think I could break it without the aid of a tool to secure it somewhere and then put most of my weight on it.

I’d love to offer it a glowing recommendation, but all I can say is it works, has no apparent slowdowns on any test I can throw at it, and would probably not disappoint if you’re looking for a three feet long 3.1 data cable.

The only odd thing I noticed about it is that one of the USB ends is longer than the other, but it makes no difference which is plugged into your base and your destination as far as I can tell.

Lumsing USB C cableOverall I do not have a problem with the cable, and the price seems to be in line with other USB C cables.

Overall, worth your money if you need a good cable.

You can grab one at Amazon and there’s supposedly a 20% discount code until November 11th at midnight if you enter LUMSING3 at checkout.

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