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Ninja Loop phone strap review

Ninja LoopIf you find yourself dropping your phone quite often or struggling to hold it you might have considered getting a ring mount or something similar that attaches to the case and makes it so you are strapped into your phone.

While I have nothing against products like the Love Handle, and few complaints against the various magnetic ring holders, they’re kind of imposing in size when compared to a Ninja Loop.

There are a couple of things about the Ninja Loop you should probably be aware of – the first is that it’s basically a ribbon with some adhesive that fits almost any case that has a charging port opening and a camera opening. In a tight case you can probably forgo using the sticky and just go for a pressure seal.

The other is that if you don’t get the Ninja Loop tight enough, you’re going to see it at the bottom of the camera when taking pictures. This might be a problem with a loose install as you’ve got a limited number of times the sticky stays sticky.

I like the feel of the little ribbon strap, but feel the adhesive could probably be replaced with grippy rubber ends for a more adjustable (and washable,) product. It also seems like there’s not a lot different from any ribbon you might have sitting in your house and a little tacky glue.

Ninja LoopNinja LoopNinja LoopNinja Loop

That said, if you’re not going to make your own ribbon phone holder, it’s something you might want to look at. It really does feel useful when I’m trying to not have a death grip on my phone.

You can grab the Ninja Loop in several different patterns over at Phoneloops.

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