Olala 6000mah Powerbank

Olala recently sent me one of their powerbanks in to review, the device has a modest 6000mah capacity, and a clean well thought out design.

Considering the design it feels like a second smaller phone,  about the size of an iphone5 which is not a bad size, it’s comfortable in pocket and easily stowed in a bag. There’s a single port for use with a cable, a micro usb power in(there’s an included microusb cable for either your phone or charging it) and an integrated cord, on the powerbank I was sent(c2-a) this is microusb, there is a nearly identical c2-i that trades this for a lightning connector.


Both outputs are secure although the included cable is a bit stiffer than i’d like being a harder plastic than i’m used to seeing on power cords it slides in and out easily for use, Both are rated for 2.1 amps max output and i was able to measure 1.9 amp out at 4.8 volts within what i would expect to see, unfortunately my charge doctor is limited to measuring only the type-a port and I can’t verify the micro usb  output although it appears to charge just as well on either output.

6000mah isn’t huge but is a reasonable size offering enough capacity to charge a modern phone twice. Recharge time was reasonable as well taking only 4.5 hours to reach full capacity. Other than wishing there was a usb-c option for newer devices I’d have no problem recommending this powerbank to anyone in need of one, It’s available on amazon here or the lightning model here.

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Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is a full time IT administrator at a medium sized private business former FRC coach and technology enthusiast.

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