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Olala iDisk 64GB USB flash drive review

Olala iDiskThe Olala iDisk is a USB drive that works with Lightning, Micro USB, and USB connections which means you can use it just about any smart device you need to offload photos and videos quickly from your phone.

Obviously with a name like iDisk it’s after the Apple crowd, however included is an adapter to take the USB side and turn it into a Micro USB for most Android devices that support USB OTG.

My testing on a USB 3 connection with CrystalDiskMark indicated it would do 106MB/s reads and 94MB/s writes, which puts it at a pretty decent speed if you need to offload some 4K video quickly.

As a USB storage device I have no complaints, but as for how it connects there are some problems I ran into and lost the photos of.

Olala iDisk 64GB CrystalDiskMarkThe first problem we ran into was trying this on an iPhone 6 with a case didn’t work. The case was perfectly positioned to prevent the iDisk from properly docking. Whether that’s going to be universal across cases I do not know as my test subject had one case. Perhaps including a Lightning connector extension cord might be useful.

The second issue is that although the Olala iDisk comes with an Android adapter, it requires you to attach it to a cable (included,) and then attach the adapter, and then the connection has to be Micro USB or you need another adapter (such as a Micro USB to USB C,) which is a lot of adapters. I’ll point out though with a name like iDisk the Android crowd probably wasn’t their first target audience.

Olala iDisk 64Olala iDisk 64gbOlala iDisk 64gbOlala iDisk 64gb

Overall the device works well, is lightweight, and does what it claims.

You can pick up an Olala iDisk at Amazon in 32,64, and 128GB sizings


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