[Deal] $37.88 Samsung Evo+ UHS-I 128gb microSD Card Sale

128gb evo press photo

The Samsung Evo+ UHS-I 128gb microSD is on a good sale from Amazon, we payed about $5 for our review unit it August. It’s also hit the front page of multiple “Deal Sites.” If you check CCC, you might see that this card has been as low as $10 on Amazon, we’ll let you in on a dirty-internet secret, Samsung, Lexar, etc; SD and uSD cards are some of the most counterfeited items on the internet, not just on ebay, but sadly on Amazon as well.

That said, there all multiple 3rd party sellers on Amazon selling the Samsung Evo+ UHS-I 128gb microSD Card (new) for $37.88 with years of stats, many with 10s of thousands of reviews, and 97%-99% ratings.

This card was also very well received by our own Daniel Smith in his August review of the card:


While he found the card may not be optimal for a boot drive for something like a Raspberry Pi, he did praise this model, saying “The card offers impressive speeds and capacity without being prohibitively expensive.”

So if you are looking for a large card, that is both affordable, well supported, and has excellent sequential reads, and very good sequential writes, this is a good deal for you.

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