Stower energy candle charger

Stower energy recently sent us a Demo unit of their candle charger, a rather unique device well suited for both camping and emergency preparedness. This device uses a Thermoelectric generator to provide power while also doubling as a small camping stove/water purifier, Some quick testing showed the charger to be effective, ramping up to a proper voltage quickly and an impressive combination, it folds up impressively small(including the provided can of sterno which fits inside the water portion) and is relatively light at 11oz

Stower energy Candle charger folded up for packing
Stower energy Candle charger


I took some time to use this and was very impressed by the ease of use just add water and light the sterno, the can that it ships with is rated for 6 hours although anything that fits underneath it would do fine as well, below is a video of it in use.

Overall I was impressed, the power output was enough to charge your average phone without issue, although I would consider pairing it with a powerbank to not potentially waste any burn time for it’s output. The inside of the heated portion if of appropriate dimensions to hold a can of soup plus some water although I would like to see some inserts included for easy cleaning if someone wanted to cook directly inside of it. As an emergency charger it performed admirably and as a source of clean water it had no issue reaching boiling(a prerequisite for sterilization as well as cooking in some cases) I’m overall impressed although I feel for the price(99 at the time of writing) the included accessories could be expanded a bit possibly with a multi function charging cable, additional inserts for use as a cooking tool, or simply another can or two of sterno.


Anyone interested can find the Stower Energy Candle Charger on amazon here


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