Black Friday Deals

The shopping season is officially on us, although we’re still working on our best of for the season a few deals we’ve seen stand out today.

850evoSamsungs 850 evo SSD is at an all time low of 249.99 on amazon today, SATA m.2 and mSATA are all included in this and an excellent deal for the gold standard of mainstream ssd’s




81kwembzztl-_sl1500_A close competitor using new 3d nand from IMFT is the crucial MX300 the latest in a long line of well performing consumer drives and discounted today at all capacity points hitting 239 for 1tb and offering good prices at all points with an especially tempting 109 for the 525gb model. These drives offer impressive performance and value while underselling the 850 evo.



C20i_product_Image_wCableMoving on to mobile storage we see some excellent value from lexar right now, their 200gb microSD card which we reviewed here is at an impressively low 74.99 today their C20i is also on sale, we reviewed the comparable C20c and our evaluation should carry through to the apple specific variant at an impressive 71.28 today




51z7i5jw9dl-_sl1200_Olala is also discounting storage today, we were impressed when we reviewed their microusb/usb combo flash drive, although slower on the 2.0 bus these are still an excellent value especially if your phone still hasn’t made the jump to type-c, the 32gb model is an impressive 13.99 and the 64 is at an equally impressive 22.99




71etxs3jezl-_sl1500_Although our review isn’t finished I’m impressed enough to highlight a monitor that’s currently sitting on the test bench, Dell’s awkwardly named SE2416HX is a mouthful but is an excellent deal at 99 for black Friday, it trades a lot of optional fancy features(no usb hub, rotate or height adjustable stand) but has a 24″ IPS LED based panel that tests out at 95%+ sRGB gamut with a 1920×1080 resolution. it also has a larger sibling the SE2717HX coming in at 139.99




Wrapping things up we have amazon is running a sale on their entire product stack that’s simply too much to list in addition to having all warehouse deals carrying an extra 20% off.

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Daniel Smith is a full time IT administrator at a medium sized private business former FRC coach and technology enthusiast.

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