Black Friday Part 2

One good deal deserves another it seems as such we’ve received an additional set of deals.

rocketbook-wave-smart-notebook-standard-sizeStarting off with something that impressed us across the board is the Rocketbook, I described it as a almost perfect blend of old and new technology, for black friday they are offering a buy two get one deal using the code THANX at checkout, combined with a referral link here you would receive 3 pocketbooks, 3 rocket pads and free shipping, and impressive deal.



41i0pmtydklAlthough we haven’t reviewed as many as I would like the ones we have haven’t failed to impress, they’re running a few sales today for things like power banks (29.99  with code ANKERB07




31j1llnh62lAnker also has a handy set of cables for those of us still bound to microusb(11.24 using code ANKERBF5)





1520 EST Update
goproheroGoPro HERO $89.99 at Amazon





goproheroplusGoPro HERO+ (Wi-Fi) $140 at Amazon

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