Stilo 2A stylus review

When we made our recommendations for alternatives to turn to in a post galaxy note world one thing they were universally lacking was the signature stylus. Stilo sent us their Stilo 2A, this is an stilo-2a-rose-angleactive capacitive stylus that claims compatibility with a wide range of devices(basically anything with a capacitive touch panel) and from my testing this is mostly accurate.

The stylus is well weighted and responsive on the HTC10, I tried both one note and autodesk sketchbook(I’ll spare you my handwriting and art neither is particularly good) both and it responded as a much more accurate input device than my finger but with a similar delay, whatever signal amplification and reflection is being done by the stylus seems to have no impact on performance beyond reducing the size of the contact point. The result of this is a very intuitive pen like input especially in applications that were designed with this in mind, Stilo highlights several on their website however any apps on android and iOS will respond do it.

If this stylus has a single flaw it is that I have found some devices that this stylus does not behave well with, devices with preexisting first party stylus support like my Thinkpad yoga do work but the recognition cuts in and out, Since my yoga was designed to use a passive Wacom stylus using EMR this seems to cause problems with the stilo’s amplification, however everything else it was tested with(winbook TW802, an ipad air and the HTC10) worked without issue seeing it as a finger(but with much higher accuracy)

Overall I’m left with a device that unless you already had a stylus(in which case you’re not on the market for one like this in all likelihood) works without flaw the input is precise and it glides on the screen without effort a vast improvement compared to the rubber ended type that seems to be in every checkout lane lately. Overall I’m impressed it isn’t quite the same as a first party stylus but comes very close.

The Stilo 2A is available on amazon in four colors(Gold, Rose, Black, White) and is a fantastic addition for anyone leaving the note series.

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Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is a full time IT administrator at a medium sized private business former FRC coach and technology enthusiast.

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