What to Expect from the iPhone 8 (Or Whatever Apple Names Its Next Phone)


Although the iPhone 8 won’t be on the market until next fall, that hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from collaborating to scrutinize rampant rumors, wondering how the new device might differ from the current model and giving input on the potential surprises Apple has in store.

Since 2017 marks the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, it makes sense that the new smartphone is generating such a buzz almost a year before you can buy it. Apple has rightfully earned a reputation for coming up with features that wow consumers and reshape their perspectives of what’s possible, and it’ll almost certainly follow suit with the iPhone 8.

Keep reading to discover some of the likely characteristics of the new gadget.

It’ll Probably Look a Lot Different

Analysts are confident Apple’s iPhone 8 will have a dramatic new design that includes advantages such as an edge-to-edge display panel and a camera integrated into the display. Interestingly, there’s one thing it may not have: a home button.

Apple designers have been hard at work to develop an iPhone that’s merely made of a single pane of glass. Some excited gadget enthusiasts think 2017 will be the year that goal becomes the new normal.

It’s also been suggested Apple may do away with the aluminum body material used for recent versions, including the iPhone SE and iPhone 6. Based on the information above, it shouldn’t be surprising that there are rumors about Apple bringing back the glass body style, similar to the one on the iPhone 4.

Expect that smooth material for the bulk of the body, complemented by a stainless steel or aluminum frame.

It Might Be Easier to Fit in Your Pocket

Smartphones characteristically get thinner as technology improves, and that’ll probably be true for iPhone 8. Tech experts believe instead of featuring an LCD screen, iPhone 8 will have a flexible OLED. If that’s true, the display will offer more realistic colors and a higher contrast ratio, plus you’ll enjoy a slimmer smartphone that’s easier to stash in your pocket.

Even if iPhone 8 is more slender than ever, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to worry about it shattering the first time it falls from your hand and hits a hard surface. Production line details for this version of the iPhone are still under wraps, but in general, industrial techniques have greatly improved across many sectors, making it easier to create parts, materials and items that are lightweight, yet sturdy. For example, production processes like cold forming can make products 13 to 35 percent stronger.

Apple isn’t the only company that seems to recognize the potential of flexible OLED screens. Recently, LG invested almost a billion dollars into that technology in hopes of making screen improvements on its own mobile devices.

You May Be Able to Choose From Three Sizes

Instead of just offering 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone models for your consideration, recent news articles assert Apple might also sell a five-inch iPhone 8. Depending on how you plan to use the iPhone 8 most often, size may be one of your most important considerations.

Maybe you like to watch a lot of streaming media or read eBooks on your iPhone. Those are two examples of when it’d arguably be convenient to have the largest screen available. On the other hand, perhaps you’re a staunch minimalist and hate carrying anything larger than necessary when away from home. In that situation, it would make sense to seek out the smallest iPhone 8.

However, there are those among us who prefer something not too large and not too small. People who are finding it hard to settle on a size might especially appreciate a third choice, especially if they’re able to go into the nearest Apple Stores and visually examine the size differences.

Although we still have a while to wait before definitively knowing how iPhone 8 will use technology to simplify our lives, you can be sure there’ll be no shortage of speculation from now until then. For now, dive in and join the discussion with other Apple aficionados.

Image by Freestocks.org via Unsplash

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