The absolute joy of tech /sarcasm

My kids are both in daycare this week meaning I’ve got an extra hour and a half every day to work. For reasons involving a fire, insurance companies needing information I didn’t have at work, nobody actually in crisis there, and a leaking toilet tank I decided it was just time to take off early and come home, read some, play a game I’ve had for three+ weeks and have played a total of 12 minutes of, and enjoy some of the stuff I actually own before someone decides to walk away with it.

My first plan was to read a little and try and forget the fire (rental property I own, not my house.) I came home, set the Nest to 73 because it was about 50 in the house, and the heat started.

I went over to my Nexus 9 which is unrooted, stock, and absolutely nothing odd about it, and it’s in a situation where it will never boot. I did everything I could and then gave up and pushed a factory image to it, reset the device, and started a restore. It died the instant I unplugged it. Battery was drained. Rassafrassa. Plug in, not going to be reading my book on that.

It’s freezing. I check the Nest and it’s decided I’m away. That’s odd… temp back up.

Decide I’m going to play a game on the XBOX One. Turn it on, system update required (it’s been a bit since I was able to play…) and that takes 20+ minutes.

It’s freezing. Check the thermostat and the Nest has kicked onto a different temp schedule… ok.. that’s my fault, I set times and temps..

XBOX boots up, I power up my controller and am told that the controller needs an update… errr… ok… how long can that take? About eight minutes. I let it do its thing and decide I’m going to play on the NuVision tablet I got for work. There’re some things I need … nevermind… it’s dead. Slap it on the charger.

Controller update done and time to play – it attempts to sync data and fails. Go into troubleshooting and find the network is not working for the XBOX. Turn system off, back on again, that’s the only thing that will do. Works fine now.

System boots, it’s time to play some…. you have got to be kidding me… update required for the game and it’s huge. I just want to play story mode. I have kids and I’m old, I don’t have time to play anything without a pause feature. OK, game updates downloading.

Walk back to the plugged in NuVision, power’s too low to do anything but boot loop.

OK, it’s game time. It’s freezing. I’m in eco mode for some reason.

Oh, it’s 5pm now and time to get the kids. Fun short day with games and tech.

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Paul E King

Paul King started with GoodAndEVO in 2011, which merged with Pocketables, and as of 2018 he's evidently the owner. He lives in Nashville, works at a film production company, is married with two kids. Facebook | Twitter | Donate | More posts by Paul | Subscribe to Paul's posts

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3 thoughts on “The absolute joy of tech /sarcasm

  • Avatar of Steve

    OMG! This feels like you’ve pulled a page right out of my life’s book. Toss in a rooted HTC One M8 that supplies the internet to my house and you’ve nailed it. :)

    • I forgot to throw in that the XBOX One S won’t pull DHCP from the Comcast router any more for …reasons… no idea what.

      • Avatar of Steve

        lol I hate to laugh at this but I have been there and all you can do is laugh, or throw the Xbox controller and scream profanities at the tv.


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