Pacuwi bluetooth headphones review


After looking at skybuds premium earbuds earlier this week we have a selection from the opposite end of the price spectrum from Pacuwi.

The initial presentation was actual quite nice. The box is a really nice solid core cardboard. To me presentation is really important. How much they design the package speaks to how much they care about the product. The box was a series of complex folds so a single piece of cardboard turned into a nice, secure box with multiple flaps. Additionally, the actual headphones themselves came in a nice fabric drawstring bag, I assume for you to carry them in when not in use. Which is nice for small electronics. It did come with a 6 inch USB A to micro USB cable. Lastly it came with three sizes of silicon ear pieces and a spare set of silicon ear keepers in a sealed bag. Before I forget, it did come with very nice instructions too.

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As for the setup process with the headphones. Its pretty dead simple. Anyone who has ever hooked up a bluetooth anything will have no trouble at all.  Other than that it came with pairing instructions that were written in English. If they were a Chinese translation, they hired a person to do it, because it was not the standard “plug left ear into chicken’s terminal” that you see on inexpensive tech.

Sound Quality:

Once I got them up and running I took them through the paces. I pushed Spotify from my HTC10 using both streaming and downloaded music. There was no difference in sound quality between the two. They sound good. The quality is that of a more expensive drug store over-the-ear style headphone. They sound like the $14-18 range, not a ton of bass response. They key that took me a while to figure out was that the actual earpiece needs to angled into your eardrums. It took a bit of adjusting. I also pushed audio from my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga P40. Which sounded a little bit better. My guess is that the Yoga’s bluetooth system is a bit more robust than the HTC10, (which to be fair is also paired to about 4 other devices at the same time too). Overall. I could see these headphones being used for enjoying music. They don’t sound bad.  


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Here’s the biggest downfall of these. It took me a good half hour of fiddling to get these to fit in my ears with the silicon ear cups. I tested each size a few different times before I settled on the smallest. The ear retainer silicon is very flimsy. They do not do much to hold them into your ears. If they were solid instead of just little round pieces it would work much better. It would also probably be an easier piece to cast in the factory, but I’m sure they only wanted to make one size for all so it is what it is. It did take a while for me to figure out that they needed to be rotated in my ear to aim the sound down to my eardrum a little better, at which point they became more comfortable too.

Overall, I didn’t have any drops on the music. I didn’t have any calls, so I can’t speak to the microphone’s capability. As far as sound quality, not bad. I’ve run a pair of Bluebuds Jaybird X2s for a little over a year, these are close the the same sound quality. They only fall short in the comfort for extended use. If I were to change out the ear cups for a foam style like I did with the Bluebuds, these would be really great… And 90% less expensive. But, if I had just lost my headphone jack like all of apple’s customer base these are a good contender. The comparable apple products are several hundreds and these are in the $15 range. They also offer multisync which is nice if you have multiple devices like I do. These are going to end up living my travel bag as a dedicated backup for my Bluebuds, I can finally retired my old sony over-the-ears.

They’re available for purchase here on amazon for anyone in the market for basic bluetooth headphones.

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