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Android 7.0 / Sense 8 ROM available for Sprint HTC 10s

Bad Boyz Android 7, Sense 8 HTC 10 on Sprint
Top window: Cyanide and Happiness. Bottom Window: Lead poisoning and despair.

Bad Boyz ROMs has released a Sprint Sense 8, Android 7.0 ROM based on the unlocked HTC 10 firmware that developer/unlocked devices got a while back. It’s been held up in certification processes getting to us via carriers, but you can have it now.

You’ll need a rooted HTC 10, it appears there are variants on non-Sprint versions of the HTC 10 but as I’m on Sprint, I talk about the Sprint ROMs and don’t comment on the others.

Android Nougat was officially released August 22nd, 2016. As I’ve read it HTC only missed this target by a bit and it’s been in the carrier’s court for a while, but where I read that I don’t know.

The big oomph for most people about Android 7 will probably be the ability to do multi-window/multitasking. While in an app you can long-press the square/task switcher/whatever it’s called this week, and bring another app onto the screen with it.

So far I’ve only found it useful for comparing prices, entering data into Google Maps that someone put on an image instead of in plain text, comparing features of a couple of apps that do the same thing, however I’ve been using it a total of about three hours so I’m betting I’ll find more.

It should be noted, I’ve had access to this for a while on my Nexus 9, however that device lends itself mostly to not multitasking as it doesn’t accomplish one task fast enough let alone two.

There’re a lot of things that N does, I think this was news 10 months ago when it came out, so I’ll direct you elsewhere for a feature list.

Bad Boyz Android 7, Sense 8 HTC 10 on Sprint
Some apps don’t play with split screen.

Bad Boyz Android 7, Sense 8 HTC 10 on SprintIf you’re rooted you can also go and edit the build.prop to add the line ro.opa.eligible_device=true and get Google Assistant as opposed to Google Now. I can’t remember which Pocketables author mentioned that to me or where they got it.

I added the line, rebooted, it was there. No issues with having to clear the Google app data that I’ve read on other devices, no need to claim that my phone was a Pixel.

Also I’m sure there are a lot of jokes about Sense 8 I’m missing, I’ve only seen the first episode, feel free to make references I won’t get below.

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