Answer to Tuesday’s game and more photos

Here are some more pictures of that computer from yesterday. I went in to see if I could salvage anything from it today and decided that other than the SSD that seemed untouched and the CPU which was completely protected by a heat sink (which is damaged as well,) everything else was a loss or so suspect I was not going to risk a different computer on it.

Base of the power supply cables scorched, plug melted.

One more badly lit view of the damage before I start ripping things out

Video card missing part of the plugs – not sure if this was AGP or PCI-E at the moment due to coffee lack. Assuming PCI-E

Broke the card free – belief is the top capacitor you’re seeing next to the slot is what blew, but could be something from the card.

Yesterday I thought “totally salvageable” and today I’m reconsidering.

Above: perhaps not evident, but the top memory stick is slightly warped. Above network card has what I’m assuming is capacitor goo on the back of it. This would have been directly under where the fire started.

This motherboard is smokin’ – not evident is that the fan blades on the CPU cooling fan show damage

Badly lit shot shows more about the photographer and how dirty his hands were than the subject. We peer into the soul of the IT technician as he marvels at technology gone awry.

Above: Used video card, slight odor. Free shipping.

Above: more of the video card. People ask me if the video fan stopped running, but the fan actually is freely moving so my guess is that it wasn’t a fan issue.


Above: video card missing a couple of pins.

When the owner came in he smelled the putrid smell but didn’t know where it was coming from. The motherboard would power up for a second and then shut off, power supply fan would run but making a lot of noise (this may have been the warped CPU fan that was making the noise)

SSD was salvageable, well below the fire line.

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One thought on “Answer to Tuesday’s game and more photos

  • January 28, 2017 at 9:40 am

    I think it’s not a short that caused it, but a serious fault in the power supply. My suspicion is that the regulation failed, causing a high voltage/high current straight into the motherboard, blowing components due to the surge, and then subsequent burning of pcb traces and components.
    Even components that don’t look burned could be damaged too.


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