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IMAG0737 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereBluetooth headphones are quickly becoming more popular, and while devices like Skybuds and the Earin M1 focus on the completely wire free high end and offer advanced features others such as the anker soundbuds and pacuwi headphones we’ve reviewed offer more affortable options for those comfortable with a cord the Mixcder Shareme 7 Is a completely different approach and proposition for those as an over ear headphone focused on comfort and audio quality. The end result of this different direction is a light and comfortable headset with an impressive battery life. Physically these headphones are very light, likely due to their primarily plastic construction although I can see some metal bands in the adjustments the housing feel cheap, the plastic construction feels solid but overall does little to hide it’s low cost target with visible seams fortunately none of this seems to have impacted the audio quality in testing. The packaging is simple and includes most of the relevant specs, of special interest is the use of 40mm drivers and a claim to 20 hours of playback time.

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Comfort and Audio Quality

Trying it on the Shareme 7 is very comfortable, the soft cushion and over ear design eliminates any of the discomfort that’s a concern with earbuds and the use of plastic ensures that they are light, surprisingly so considering the claimed battery life. Pairing was easy although I suggest allowing them to charge first to ensure you’re not trying to pair dead headphones. an interesting inclusion is a 3.5mm headphone jack which caught me by surprise considering their wireless nature although some testing showed no difference using it compared to the bluetooth for clarity or volume save for the ability to adjust the headset using htc’s audio tuning that is built into my phone. which I have included the profile of here(although I will say that I would love to see that become an option over bluetooth). The sound is generally good, there’s a slight drop in the high end that I’ve noticed but that’s more than compensated for by having a much fuller base than other bluetooth headsets something the larger 40mm drivers are to thank for, an up model version with a second tweeter would help fill out the high end but most people are unlikely to notice unless they’re looking at them under a critical lense like I am in this review or an audio engineer(one of whom I handed these to for an opinion and validation of my own thoughts on them)


So we have a good sounding and comfortable headset, much better than I expected giving the stage set by some of the materials used, but what about that 20 hour claimed battery? They didn’t quite make it, at 19 hours the audio started to cut in and out telling me the battery likely wasn’t quite up to driving things anymore, honestly not a bad performance and far closer than I expected at the highest volume I was comfortable with(roughly 90%) someone playing these between 50-70% volume(which is still plenty loud) would likely hit the 19 hour mark.

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One feature I was unable to test is an audio relay feature these headphones appear to have is a bluetooth chain feature which looks invaluable for families(parents and children alike although minivan’s with movies in the seat rests came to mind first) this looks like a great concept and I wish I had a second headset to test it.

Overall even without the ability to test one of the key features(something I hope to revisit) these headphones still make an excellent showing with good audio and outstanding battery life in a comfortable package. Mixcder sells through amazon here in the us(their website just links to their amazon storefront) where the Shareme 7 is available for 32.99 and for anyone who doesn’t mind over ear as opposed to the earbuds that seem so popular I have no hesitation in recommending them.

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