Do not buy the Posh Mobile L550

Last month I had the chance to test the Posh Mobile L550 unlocked LTE phone. I had high hopes for it based on its design, features, and price. I’d previously reviewed the Posh L640 and found it to be an excellent bargain phone. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the L550. In fact, I wasn’t even able to complete my review due to software issues that went unresolved.

The first problem I ran into was with the launcher. The included default launcher is horrendous. Not a problem, normally, as you can just replace it. On the L550, though, the default home screen resets EVERY time you open the settings app. I cannot tell you how frustrating this is. It starts out as a minor annoyance but after a few days I was tempted to smash the dadburned thing.

The second issue was with WiFi. I’d be connected to WiFi at home or the office just fine. When I’d leave, however, the phone would think it was still connected. I’d be 10 miles away and the phone still thought it was connected to the home WiFi. I’d have to reset the WiFi in order to shake it loose.

I contacted Posh support and did hear back from them that they’d check into it but never heard from them again. All of my inquiries went unanswered. As such, I’d recommend staying away from this one.

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Robert Daniels

I'm a long-time tech and gadget enthusiast that currently uses Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and iOS devices. I'm always interested in ways to improve my family's life with new devices and services, though my beautiful wife might just say I'm addicted to playing with gadgets.

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One thought on “Do not buy the Posh Mobile L550

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    I am staying away from these no name off brands, for now.
    Posh, Blu, Honor, Huawei, ZTE, and many others that have shown up recently with “Premium” low cost devices. Yes, I know some of these companies are not “No Name”. But the reviews tend to be the same, low quality HW, and lack of OS updates.
    I did buy an ASUS tablet a couple years ago, and it is still running strong. The company is still around and growing. I would consider buying their phones, etc.
    Yes, I have had well known OEM devices turn into bricks, or get left behind in the OS, but they usually review better overall.
    If you are looking for a premium device, at a low cost, consider buying last year’s model at half the price or less, ideally with some kind of warranty. (I have had to return a couple from Amazon and eBay sellers)
    Craigslist is a good resource if you are up for a gamble. (I am in at $200 or less) I think I have bought and traded more than 10 devices through CL, and have not gotten stiffed yet. Be very careful.


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