Ben C’s hopes and plans for #2017 Articles

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Well, it’s 2017. Really. Yes, Really. I KNOW. Another trip ’round the sun.

This will be my first full calendar year as an editor and not just a commenter. I tend to post sporadicly, sometimes just a deal that I can dash off between diapers, work, dog, life, yeah, life, man; life.

To put myself out there and layout what I plan to cover this year, I am publicly stating my personal list of topic and ides of things I would like to test and/or cover. I have a little one, and only one daily driver phone at the moment, so the ROM stuff will be well timed, and may just be at the mercy of the calendar and current emergency statuses. But here we go:

App Stores:

ROMs I am interested in:

  • The Onion Router (TOR) Rom: Mission Improbable Blog Thread; built on Privacy and Security first
  • MaruOS (AOSP + Debian, your phone is your desktop with BT keyboard and mouse and a monitor by USB3 or cast)
    • Installation hiccups
    • Development updates and Ports
    • Docking stations
    • Ethernet/USB hubs
    • Known good peripherals
  • CopperheadOS: Security minded ROM
  • How I run CyanogenMod on a 2015 7” Amazon Fire (Ford), it’s shortcomings and HUGE advantages
    • This is a very inexpensive Tablet
    • only 1GB of RAM
    • Supports 128GB uSD among them (Think Plex, Kodi, viewing, serving, and casting)
    • locked boot loader but hackers do what hackers do: tinker, tinker, pipe (that’s the “|” type), zip-ties, and duct tape, oh yeah and use ADB/Fastboot.

Messaging (Security is the Word Bird):



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Ben C

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