Crime in the age of tech part 2 (midway)

I’ve previously mentioned it’s been a rough patch since October 31st when my wife was held up at gunpoint on her birthday, then late November when my car was robbed of a lot of stuff due to a key fob getting messed with by a little one, then in December right before Christmas when we had a fire, January didn’t really do much to us but Feb we had a car robbery once again. This time because a door didn’t get locked and evidently the guys are out nearly every night testing doors.

Thought since I’m busy doing much longer reviews (working on Aftermaster, Aftershokz, two book reviews, and the Eyedro electricity monitor,) and dealing with that computer fire (unrelated to the other fire,) I’d give a little midway update while we also await the fate of Pocketables.

My wife got the guy’s plate number, three different people who were robbed that night IDed the same guy out of a blind lineup, it was the owner of that car. Police are currently sitting on it but an arrest was planned last we heard. Dude has a record for similar.

Fire has oddly been relatively unstressful due to insurance company not being jackasses and everyone just accepting that near Christmas it’s going to be a month before anything actually happened. So far the worst has been the ridiculously bad service of a fire restoration company just in trying to get a quote on repairs for insurance (which if you follow me on Yelp you can read about).

Car robbery one (kid probably hit keyfob,) got a complete set of fingerprints, and a theft in excess of $1000 although the guy doing it wouldn’t have realised the enchroma lenses were $400 each. Didn’t have too terribly much of a clue other than the video, until…

Car robbery two (door left unlocked during grocery unloading,) where the guy got some CDs, $50, left full sets of prints, I posted it immediately to our district web page, had a visit from the robber’s neighbor who IDed robber #1 and #2 (who live together,) which I turned over to the police along with links to their criminal records/convictions which are freely available online.

So yeah, there’s that update. Combine that with CES, pinkeye, the flu, and yeah, just getting up and running again ;)

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Paul E King

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6 thoughts on “Crime in the age of tech part 2 (midway)

  • Avatar of JRDEMASKUS

    You sound like a candidate for a locked garage, some Nest cams and a panic button on your cellphone(if such a thing exists).
    My plan, if I am properly equipped, is to use the call button on my BT and a voice command to call 911. Hope it works if I ever need it, but I assume an attacker would run off if they heard me.

    • The stick up robbery was several miles away at a friend’s house. These guys are just druggies living in a flop house.

      • Avatar of JRDEMASKUS

        Yes, I have been following.
        And my suggestions still stand.
        A properly engineered, minimal interaction Panic Button, could summon help no matter where you are. But it does not look like any of the apps I researched today directly call 911.
        Perhaps Ok Google, Siri, or Cortana could. Somebody must have an experience with calling for help using a voice assistant. Too bad it has gone soo quiet here. Testing, both Cortana and Google were able to call “home” from a screen off position.
        If you can’t keep you cars locked then a garage or outdoor camera are in order. I would assume you have smoke detectors.
        Personally, if I were you, I would have bought a gun and some fire extinguishers, secured my house with a dog and cameras, and staked out my driveway by now.
        Through sheer luck, I caught the burglar in my house, sent him to jail, local “kid”. I have a dog now and a Nest cam, my cars are in a fenced in yard I built for the dog.
        While walking that dog I caught a car snooper in a neighbor’s car and set the Police on him.
        “Local Crime Watch” begins with citizens who are tired of being victims and stand up for themselves.

        • My house is equipped, this was a rental I manage with the fire.

          Panic buttons require the phone. Most robbers grab your phone and then chuck it two minutes later. Response time is generally higher. I have multiple gadgets that operate as a panic button. Also useless if they bother with a farraday bag or break your phone within two minutes.

          I have an outdoor camera, it caught both guys, I have a district web page that identified both guys. Kim’s grabbing of the license plate and then subsequent 3 people IDing the guy in a lineup have the guy IDed. What I don’t have is a police system that is doing anything.

          I mean I can go down to each person’s house and beat them within an inch of their lives – I have names and addresses for all, which were handed over to the cops both in December (Kim’s robbery) and last week (my two) – but evidently:

          In the case of the robbery with three victims IDing the same guy, his license plate number matching what they gave cops, a criminal history of doing the same thing, he’s still walking free three months later.

          In the case of the burglary with video, their neighbor IDing them, DNA, fingerprints, long criminal history for both, they’re still free and operating.

          • Avatar of JRDEMASKUS

            That is why we need a PROPERLY engineered panic button. As you hand the phone away, trip the alarm. Maybe 3 quick press on the power button. Maybe pull the headphone jack out, similar to what the correction officers use. Maybe just build a button into future devices.
            Obviously there is a need. Developers, are you reading this?
            Sorry to hear your Police suck. If it is possible,I would consider moving. Fortunately my Police do not suck, and my burglar did a year in jail. I see him once in a while but I don’t think he recognized me. I carry a small scary looking “utility” knife these days. Certainly nobody would fault you for buying and using a gun after soo much has happened.
            I would probably pull a Zimmerman, and start patrolling my neighborhood if I owned a gun. These scum and their families that pretend their “victim” children were really good people who were wrongly “profiled”. But we, as the real victims know the truth.

          • Keep in mind I have never had a personal robbery… this was my wife, out with two friends, different neighborhood at night and not with me around. As part of my daily battles with Amazon I have a quick action flipper on me at all times. I also look large enough that people generally don’t think I’m easy pickings.

            I also have a monkey’s fist key fwapper, another knife as part of the leatherman. This is what I carry all the time for work. Leatherman and knife are more than capable of handling amazon packages and making me look fairly mean.

            I am also routinely listed in the newspapers here as I have a carry permit and they like to print up the list of houses to shame. This is one of my other jobs. I’m not worried about me.

            One of the people who was robbed along with my wife was armed. She had no chance as there were two robbers. They chose instead to just grab the tags of the morons.

            For your panic button it absolutely cannot involve the phone. People are too lax with their phones, one bored night and ten extra minutes of Boom Beach and suddenly your panic button is dead. Gotta be something different.

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