Lexar C20c Finally available for order

C20c with kickstand
C20c with kickstand

We previewed the C20c back in november and were impressed with the drive, it offered compatibility with macs pcs and android devices without any adapters was quick for general use and even acted as a (limited due to it’s length and power limits) charging cable. Our biggest complaints were quite simply wanting to see a larger(256gb) version in the future and the limited availability(B&H had it listed for preorder shortly after we published but it was otherwise unavailable through christmas) It seems that not only has this drought come to an end but there’s been an addition to it’s packaging.



While the drive itself remains unchanged(and therefore our initial testing remains valid) Lexar has chosen to add a small folding kickstand that works to hold your phone in a portrait orientation in conjunction with the drive(an interesting choice I had not considered watching movies directly from the drive) Although I don’t have the kickstand to test the drive on it’s own was already competitive especially as the prices listed on amazon for 51.49 for the 128 31.49 for the 64gb model and 21.49 for the 32 gb model.

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