Preorders of HTC U ULTRA and PLAY available in the UK

preorders HTC UIt would seem, that HTC is trying to return to the former glory as the phone manufacturer by introducing more handsets. Preorders of HTC U ULTRA  and  HTC U PLAY are available in the UK right now. Long gone are the times of the HTC Desire, a handset that I loved and a device that helped me leave the Apple eco-system without looking back. This is why I still hold a positive sentiment towards the HTC.

As reported by GSM Arena and Android Authority, handsets are available SIM free, starting at £394.98 for the HTC U PLAY and £614.98 for the HTC U ULTRA respectively.  CarphoneWarehouse also offers them on contracts if you fancy an upgrade to your existing one.

HTC U ULTRA is the bigger brother with a larger battery, a Snapdragon 821, the 5.7” (QHD) screen and the 12MP camera sensor. If you wish to check the phones side by side here is a handy link to compare the headsets. This device comes with an additional display to show you notifications and personalized information. If you are a selfie fan, you will find an excellent 16MB dual camera option. Don’t worry I won’t judge you!

Both phones sport 4GB of RAM which is plenty to run anything you throw at it and a Sense Companion assistant option. If you choose the HTC U PLAY,  you will get a smaller screen (FHD), camera with a lower resolution (12MP) and an octa-core CPU (2.0GHz) with less impressive but fast Cortex A53 CPU.

While I never had the pleasure buying through Clove or UnlockedMobiles, CarphoneWarehouse has been my shop of the choice for both handsets with contracts and SIM free devices before. Do you think that HTC is able to introduce another game changing device, as they have before with the original HTC Desire?

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