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[DEAL] Want a Pebble? Drive to BestBuy ($40-50) Now! (or Order from AMZN WH)

Pebble Time - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Pebble Time 38mm Smartwatch $39.99

Black Best Buy
White Best Buy
Red Best Buy

Pebble Time Round - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Pebble Time Round 38.5mm Stainless Steel Smartwatch $49.99

Black w/20mm Black Leather Band Best Buy (store pickup only)
Silver w/14mm Stone Leather Band Best Buy (store pickup only)


Pebble2 HR - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Pebble – 2 + Heart Rate $49.99

Black Best Buy
Black/Red Best Buy

I’m running my Amazon Warehouse – “Very Good” Time was about $50 a couple weeks ago, and $58 today; on the official Pebble.apk
And my Kickstarter Original (about $27 currently) on Gadgetbridge!
… on the same Nexus N6P!

Actually Amazon Warehouse has Original, Steel, Time, 2+HR, Round, and Time Steel all in Stock!
I love “Very Good” Listings like this: “Item will come repackaged.“; mine came literally without the box, and shrink wrapped as Amazon has perfected to Cardboard!

For those worried about the end of Pebble☠Fitbit: Forbes “Fitbit Has ‘Zero Interest’ In Building A Pebble Smartwatch”

Let’s meet “GadgetBridge”
Github @Gadgetbridge/Code
Github @Gadgetbridge/Pebble
Gadgetbridge updated regularly on F-Droid (the #FOSS App Store)
Lots of threads on r/pebble about “Gadgetbridge”

D. Smith mentioned it in this December Pocketables Story.

It’s coming along quite nicely! And if you are happy with current state, it’s just a bluetooth bind away, you don’t lose a thing!

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