Amazon Underground Actually Free ends in Derailment! Comes off the tracks this summer!

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Launched just two years ago (making many learn how to install a 3rd party APK for the first time); Amazon Underground Actually Free is coming off the rails, with a quiet announcement today that the program is ending buried in the developer section.

It’s not all at once; but unless you’re on a Fire Tablet running the blessed FireOS, it’s definitely quicker than you would likely care for:

  1. May 31, 2017; no new application or game submissions from developers.
  2. Current applications in the program may be patched by the developer through 2019.
  3. On Android devices “Underground Actually Free” will stop working at the very vague time of “Summer 2017!
  4. Applications you already have installed (time to backup your APKs) won’t self-destruct; but again will work as-is at least until 2019. Amazon makes no mention of whether Android users will get the same patches that Amazon’s own Fire Tablet users will get or not!
  5. On a Fire Tablet the Underground Actually Free program will continue through the end  of 2019; though with no new applications after May 31st.

So if you want to grab any applications right now you can grab Amazon Underground here.

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