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LectroFan Micro portable speaker and noise machine review

LectroFan MicroThe LectroFan Micro serves the dual purposes of a Bluetooth speaker and an easily portable sleep sound machine capable of up to 16 hours of sleep noise or six hours of music.

The various white noise settings are generated on the fly and are not pre recorded, meaning if you’re someone whose brain starts anticipating the loop in audio you’re not going to catch it. I don’t have anything other than a press release on this to say that most machines do that, but it would fit with how most white noise generators ted to not work on me.

As someone who hasn’t slept without a fan, ocean, air filter, air conditioner, or a stream going by in 30 or so years, I have a lot of problems getting to sleep when it’s quiet. I become hyper aware, and even on nice nights when I can sleep with a window open I want a fan going to drown out the sound of a dog’s rabies tags walking down the street.

So I gave this a shot on a nice night – no fan, no air purifier, no noise of any sort. It’s surprisingly loud, but can be turned down to a whisper level. On the loud end of the spectrum they mention you can use it so that you can have a somewhat private meeting in an office and outside people will mostly hear the white noise. I don’t doubt it.

When I rarely travel I’m generally having my phone running Relax Melodies to try and drown out the world, which also involves making sure DND is set or I’m going to get woken up by Boom Beach or some app, remembering to unset DND in the morning or end up missing notifications until I realize, yadda yadda.

With the LectroFan Micro, I press a button or two and go to sleep.

As a Bluetooth speaker, the LectroFan Micro is loud. It’s got a pretty decent high end, loud end, the low end exists but it’s a tiny little speaker emulating something that moves a lot of air so it’s ok, but if you’re wanting a get the party started speaker probably not it.

The speaker on top rotates to either point straight up or out. Good for directing sound although you might think that it’s stuck or something afoot the first time you play with it. It looks like it’s detachable from the base, it’s not.

The LectroFan Micro is available from Amazon for $34.95. It’s perfect for those who need noise to sleep, and it uses so much less electricity than a fan it’ll pay for itself, although I’m in a rush and doing the math on fan electric draws is something that is not going to make it until the comments section.

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