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myCharge HubPlus C Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 portable charger review

myCharge HubPlus C reviewThe myCharge HubPlus C portable charger is a winner. It’s a 6,700mA portable battery capable of charging the average phone completely two or three times. It’s potentially significantly faster than a standard portable charger due to the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 tech it’s packing if your device can use that.

The good

The HubPlus C is the first USB C native portable QQC 3.0 charger I’ve run across, so it will hold a special place in my heart.

It’s a complete portable charger, and by that I mean it can charge itself and charge a phone. There’s no need to lug a wall brick around to charge the HubPlus C. Prongs fold out of the back/side of the device and plug right into a wall outlet. When you’re done charging the charger just pop it off, fold the plugs in, and use away.

Out and about with no power and a dead recharger battery? Betting there’s a wall outlet nearby you can plug it into for a bit then charge your phone.

myCharge HubPlus C reviewmyCharge HubPlus C reviewmyCharge HubPlus C reviewmyCharge HubPlus C review

The HubPlus C has a fold-out USB C cable (new Android,) a fold-out Micro USB cable (old Android,) and a USB A port (use your own cable,) so you can charge pretty much USB anything.

The HubPlus C is an updated version of my favorite charger of all time the myCharge Hub 6000 which sadly didn’t survive a contractor I loaned it to (looked like he’d got it caught in a drill).

The aluminum body sheds heat and feels pretty solid.

The bad

Coming in at 18 watts you’ve got to figure that’s about 3.6amps at 5 volts. This is not enough juice to dual quick charge devices, let alone attempt a three way quick charge fest. Plus in three devices and you’re charging at 1.2 amps per device. The quick goes away pretty quick.

myCharge HubPlus C reviewmyCharge HubPlus C reviewmyCharge HubPlus C reviewmyCharge HubPlus C review

This isn’t a deal breaker for me, but I feel this is, like most, a charger for one device and if you’ve got another along for the ride well, they’ll charge. Or you can quick charge one and then throw the other on and quick charge it.

The built in cables are ok, but they don’t have the solid feeling that the original HUB 6000 cables had. I’ve started becoming accustomed to these USB C cables that could probably tow a truck and are rigid. The myCharge HubPlus C cables do not feel like they could take much over 80 pounds. I’m a tad concerned we’re going to see cable failures if people twist them much.

There’s actually a mention of that in the documentation – avoid excessive twisting.

The cables are also very short. If you’re charging and need to take a phone call it become and interesting jiggle. Also not a huge concern, but figured I’d mention it.

As of this writing I can’t find a single link to this product on their website. I managed to google it, find a direct link in, so that’s what I’m going to point you to. Guessing their web dept either missed it or I’m flying blind on a Monday.


I’ve found that I really like having a portable charger with Quick Charge 3.0 capabilities. It’s like – I’m fine with charging the phone and attaching it to a brick, but it’s really nice that I don’t have to keep it attached all that long. Quick Charge 3.0 gets me charged fast enough that brick time isn’t extensive.

You can get the myCharge HubPlus C from myCharge for $79.99.

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2 thoughts on “myCharge HubPlus C Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 portable charger review

  • Avatar of typhoonikan

    I had a mycharge during my time with the HTC m8 and m9 and I enjoyed it. The version I had then had micro usb and the newer thunderbolt (I think it’s called) iPhone cable. This looks interesting, but I would rather see the microusb cable replaced with a thunderbolt cable for iOS friends to leech from…

    • They have a lightning connector version:

      However that removes USB-C. Seems with myCharge currently it’s not a direct option (either Apple and old Android, or New Android and old Android)

      You could always pack a micro USB to lightning adapter:

      Then you could handle anything that came at you.

      Then again, $10 is a lot for an adapter… get a 3″ lightning cable..

      Maybe they’ll have something in a bit. Seems like something they will see as a need once USB C gets a bit more out there.


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