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AmpliFi HD comes to the dark side – Giveaway: win one!

AmpliFi HD DarkIn honor of Star Wars Day AmpliFi is releasing a limited edition black Amplifi HD mesh-capable router and should you be interested you can enter our contest to win one of two black AmpliFi HD units shipped directly from their PR storm troopers.

AmpliFi was the first mesh network router I played with and in all ways that count (looking nice, working well in the house,) my wife’s favorite. While I moved to other routers to test, the AmpliFi HD has kept on chugging at my work powering the private internet for a reality show that’s renting space here, and there’ve been no complaints so far.

As of writing this I don’t know what the price is going to be the price on these is listed at $149.99.

AmpliFi Black on Black Mesh Router-1002

Above: a video with music that strains to not copyright infringe very hard.

A short short time ago on a website very very close…

The contest

In the comments section below
enter the most Star Wars thing
or WiFi thing for that matter,
that will make us laugh, cry, or
otherwise notice your post in a
non-negative way. Seriously no
spamming, flaming, annoying.

We will run the contest until May 24th, 2017
at which point all entries that got upvoted,
giggled at, or otherwise got some attention,
will be placed in an excel spreadsheet and
picked at random by a 20 month old

Oy, so much for my attempts to make a Star Wars crawl. Anyway, you must amuse, not abuse, and if the item you’re posting is not yours you need to credit the source (who would have a chance to win if they entered.)

Contest rules and Paul’s standard disclaimer

This goes by standard Pocketables contest rules – you must have a valid email address or some way for us to contact you. I honestly do not care if you use a disposable email address. I’m not planning on spamming you but who knows what might happen if Pocketables got sold or Disqus gets hacked. Just some way that on the 24th I can email you. Winners will be contacted via email and posted on the site.

The email address must be right in Disqus at the time the comment is posted as that’s the only time I ever see an email and an IP.

If I don’t hear back from the winners by whatever time I think about it on the 25th, a new winner or winners will be chosen.

I will ask at that point for a name, address, phone number so the prizes can be shipped and then pass it off to the people who are sponsoring the giveaway. If they don’t ship for you, I’ll probably badmouth them, but I can’t buy you a router.

Should I not manage to choose a winner that day, it’ll be shortly thereafter.

As far as I know this promo by Amplifi has no affiliation with Disney, Lucasarts, etc.

Bonus entries

Tell a buddy, spam a friend, get people to come in and enter the contest by replying to your contest entry. Really, the object is to get noticed and that’s done by humor, upvotes, and replies. I’d really like this contest for several hundred dollars worth of routers to have more entries than Star Wars films.

The fine print

Um… contest probably only open to people with a US style plug although who knows (actually it’s powered via USB but I’ll let the PR firm decide if they are paying shipping). Crowdgather might make up to a dollar per thousand ad impressions if you’re not using an ad blocker so should you wish to enter totally freely block or continue blocking the ads on this page. I’m acting as PR and spokesbeing because AmpliFi sent me neat toys to play with a year ago. I think the limited edition versions are only available on If Pocketables goes under during the contest I really have no idea.

Stuff I’ve learned since the embargo lifted

Email I got said limited edition, doesn’t appear to be limited on the website. Who knows.

Link to the product

IF YOUR ENTRY GETS FILTERED: don’t worry, I’m unfiltering. Disqus does this freakin’ automatically and usually it’s ok but sometimes it goes puritanical on you. I’ll check a couple of times a day or you can shoot an email to paul at you know where dot com and I’ll go in and unfilter it.

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