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Survey – what SMS/MMS app does it all?

Hangouts logo - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereA lot of us were greeted one day recently with the notice that Hangouts was discontinuing SMS/MMS and to choose another method. Since then I’ve been searching for something that natively handles SMS/MMS and can be operated sans-phone (eg: when I’m flashing a ROM I can still communicate with the wife).

I’ve fallen back to a combo of Google Voice and the new Android Messenger, but this still means that MMS pictures and multi-person conversations are only available on the phone.

So what’s better? What have you found that handles all of your SMS/MMS/chat/video/etc needs? Can you pick up where you left off if a device dies? Can you type out an opus on the computer and send it via text? Can you get pictures and MMS conversations on other devices than the primary?

Really, let me know… I’m tired of what I’ve got.

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7 thoughts on “Survey – what SMS/MMS app does it all?

  • I switched to Facebook Messenger for SMS years ago and haven’t looked back. MMS doesn’t work with my Google Voice app, because I have native integration with Sprint, but that also means my MMS goes into FB Messenger.

    Google’s reasoning for removing SMS because hangouts is too bloated doesn’t really fly given that much of SMS support is provided by Android itself – did you notice how your SMS messages don’t get lost when you switch SMS clients? Well, that’s why.

    The only thing that I might be missing is RCS, but with few people using it, I doubt I’m actually missing anything.

    I do love chat heads. They make multitasking way easier.

    • I forgot to add that I’m a big fan of SMS being a part of another chat app, since that reduces the number of apps I switch between. Frankly, every chat app should support SMS since it’s so easy and lightweight.

  • I have been using Chomp SMS as my phone app for years. Not stuck to it though. Just like the popup replies as well as ability to mark as read using my watch.

    To view, send, etc. on my pc and other devices I use Join ( Basically it’s a cheaper pushbullet solution. Can send links, files, etc between devices or browsers too. I think it’s $5 for a lifetime subscription after a month. Although I don’t use GV as my main number (just VM) so I can’t sms if my phone is flashing a rom or turned off.

  • I still use the SMS app which came with my Sony Xperia phone (Lollipop), and have set up BackupSMS+ to push messages into Google Calendar and Google Mail; it also puts phone call logs into G Calendar and GMail.
    This means I search g cal or gmail to see a list of all the sms conversations I’ve had, or how long a phone call lasted; very useful when I’m writing something up as a formal record.

  • I enjoy Pulse by Klinker Apps. It gives me web access to my SMS, which is still my primary means of communication with family/friends/co-workers. I wish it were more customizeable like Textra, but I can live with what little options there are if it means texting from my desktop.

    • Avatar of Brandon Patr!k

      I actually use Textra + MightyText for that seamless text-from-PC experience (plus a lot more). I loved Pulse, actually — but I have friends and nephews who LOVE to use iOS emojis. Textra has that ability to display them and send them, so they get my dollaz; otherwise, you’re right — it would have been Pulse all the way for me, too!


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