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the iClever BoostDrive NANO charger is a lot of power in a little body

iClever BoostDrive NANOTwo ports, 4.8amps, capable of working on 10-27 volt car power ports (yours is probably 12 if you’re wondering), and barely making sticking out of the car’s power port.

The iClever BoostDrive is a low-profile powerhouse coming in under $10.

Now, the neat part about this is how low profile it is. If you’ve become annoyed with the giant knob sticking out of your power ports for a phone charger, this is probably the most elegant solution you’re going to run across.

It’s not completely flush with the outlets I have, but then again you wouldn’t want that as you’d have to pull it out with tweezers, but for those of us who simply don’t want more visible E-clutter in our drives, this is it.

Each port is capable of delivering a standard 2.4amps.

The neat thing is the size. Did I mention it’s tiny?

iClever BoostDrive NANOiClever BoostDrive NANOiClever BoostDrive NANOiClever BoostDrive NANO

Available in the NANO Metal Charger variety (the one I have) for $9.99 from Amazon

Or there’s a slick black plastic version that really looks pretty much the same.

And some other color options

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