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Power USB w/o using an outlet with the SnapPower USB charger coverplate

SnapPower USB Charger wallplate cover reviewA couple of years ago I saw the first space saving USB-inclusive outlet replacement and it was awesome. Unfortunately it also didn’t fit well with the wiring/box size in my 1940’s house and required an electrician or at least someone with plaster cutting tools to install a new outlet box where it needed to be.

That’s not the case with the SnapPower USB Charger Coverplate. I removed the old $0.50 cover plate, placed the SnapPower on, screwed it in and instantly I’ve got a USB powered port. This is accomplished by the little prongs that reach in and hug the electricity right out of the plug.

Hug it right out I tell you… ok, technically they probably slide over, but since my Bonnaroo press credential were denied I’m in need of some positivity.

Now I only need to get a new set of plugs (or clean them well with the power off,) at that outlet because mine are dirty.

Yup, other than the on plate screw since this is all standardized it can just tap the poles and power the USB inverter on the bottom.

SnapPower USB Charger wallplate cover review
The little prongs in the center hug the power right out of the outlet.

While it’s not completely flush like some others are, the SnapPower USB charger coverplate is a ridiculously easy install taking as much time as it takes to unscrew the old plate and place the new one on and screw the cover screw in.

It should be noted you should turn off the power to that outlet before proceeding.

I’m seriously impressed with the simplicity of the solution, however the single USB outlet and the amperage of it leaves something to be desired.

Coming in at a max of one amp charging this unit doesn’t win a speed charger award. You’ll be charging at what phones charged like two or three years ago <<shudder>>. Then again, this thing is a small wall plate easy install out of the way charger so it doesn’t have to be your primary phone charging source.

It’s great for charging portable batteries, electronic ducks, speakers, NSA-compatible wiretap assistants, etc without devoting plug space to them.

SnapPower USB Charger wallplate cover reviewSnapPower USB Charger wallplate cover review SnapPower USB Charger wallplate cover review

If you’re looking for a good looking solution to your 1amp USB charging needs, this is probably it.

You can get the SnapPower USB charger coverplate at Amazon for  $21.95 If you need more than one check out the manufacturer’s website (and throw in about $9 shipping to pricing).

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