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Amazon Deal Post… But it IS the CASIO WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor AndroidWear Watch for $249

Casio WSD-F10 Models

Rob reviewed this watch in October:

The short answer: it’s huge, it was hard to justify the $500 MSRP. At $250, we are at exactly one half off! And if you’re considering this watch you’ve likely owned one or more Casio Triple Sensors to begin with, or at least ogled them. You know what what you’re getting into. You’re stuffing AndroidWear into a Casio Triple Sensor with the biggest battery they could shove in! Supposedly you get a month in time-only monochrome mode.

There are actually two LCDs inside – one color and one monochrome – this always for the screen to be on full time without the battery drain. The watch switches back and forth between them depending on whether you are looking at it, like the triple sensors turn the backlight on when you bring them up.

The watch is being kept current with AndroidWear 2.0 direct from Casio (a good sign).

The triple sensor was never a board room fashion statement, unless you were leaving to Vale or something after the meeting. They are for the most part hardy, take a beating, accurate, and happy to take abuse. I look at the Triple Sensors like a Wrangler; if it’s not dented or scratched, and the film has been removed you’re doing it wrong.

What you get here is:

  1. Casio outdoor abusable quality
  2. AndroidWear 2.0 with hope for 1st party updates
  3. STD-810G “Mil-Spec” military standard endurance (see 1)
  4. 50m/165ft water resistance
  5. barometer, altimeter, compass lifted from the long running Triple Sensor Line (mine is from 1998 and still going)
  6. New with warranty in any color for $250!
  7. The lowest NEW price on CCC by almost $100

camelchart Casio WSD F10 1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

So if you’re looking to hike/bike/be outdoors, you like the Triple Sensor. You live or die by your altitude, but would also like to get twitter notifications at the same time, today is the day to drop $250 on the Casio WSD-F10!

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