You can replace your failing cords often, or get an UnbreakCable

Syncwire UnbreakCableThe Syncwire UnbreakCable(s) is a line of USB C, Micro-USB, and Lightning tough little cables sold at Wal-Mart that come with a lifetime warranty in the event you manage to breakCable.

I put about ten minutes into attempting to destroy the USB C version, I have a feeling I will eventually succeed if I continue my efforts however I’m not particularly interested in doing this to destruction. The fact I didn’t break it in one impresses me.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about them other than that they are reasonably priced for the USB C and Lightning varieties coming in at under $9. The Micro USB cable it does seem a little high at $6.98 considering you can get four (different brand) out of a six pack for the same price.

Then again, lifetime warranty, probably at a store you go by fairly often considering how many Walmarts there are, and they might be the last of that type of cable you ever have to purchase.

Here’re the product pages on Walmart:

MicroUSB, USB C, Lightning

They’re also on Amazon, although it looks like Walmart wins the pricing wars this round.

They sent me two of each kind and I now have a trailer hitch so I might see how strong they are at some point ;)

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6 thoughts on “You can replace your failing cords often, or get an UnbreakCable

  • Paul where’s the run it over with the car video?

    • kerb weight of car ~4396lbs. One tire is going to have 1099 pounds on it. Tires are 10 inches wide so that’s 100 pounds on an inch – 60 pounds of pressure in an inch will bend a tire in slightly. Don’t think that’s going to be a particularly good test.

      I think fat guys tap dancing on it would be a better test. Not too much a car tire is going to do.

      • Avatar of Ben Carr

        I have a wicked old skool (sp) splitting maul. It’s single cast with a hollow handle….. I know it’s FAR more than 12lbs but most resembles this one:

        • Think I’m going to tie a few together and see if I can slackrope walk across them

          • On video or it didn’t happen…..

            Pay per view…..

  • Avatar of Ben Carr

    Lets see if I can help you breakCable in Two….

    Take cable head in non-dominant hand; place dominant hand fingers on “tongue” of lightning cable…. snap off…. win?

    This has been a problem for us with lifetime warranty cables; I am waiting for my pile of dead (snapped or shorted) Aukey and Ankers to hit critical mass… at the moment I have 7 dead cables but have done this so much that this doesn’t reach critical mass yet anymore!

    That includes some Powerline+’s


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