Customize your gadgets with your photos and a Toast real wood or leather wrap

Toast Made custom photo etching Google Home wrapYou may recall Toast as the designers of the wood Pocketables wrap I currently sport. They’re back with a new offering of taking your photos and carving them into real wood or leather wraps for most cool devices.

I was offered a customized wrap from them recently and chose one for the Google Home that takes the egg like Google device and gives it some style. I could have also chosen one for my laptop, Xbox, or any of the devices that Toast manufactures covers for but the Google Home was sticking out as an eyesore in my living room.

Source image of Paul's kidsI choose a photo of my kids, sent it in, and a bit later got back a wood wrap with I’m guessing a laser etched image of my kiddos that now adorns my Google Home.

The product showed up in a flat no-bend envelope. Installation was pretty easy, wipe down with included alcohol wipe, put on mute button cover, place top manhole cover on making sure the mic holes were not covered, then slowly wrap the main shape around the Google Home.

I realized half way through I was off by about half a centimeter and a gap was beginning to show so I backed up, pulled it off a bit, and resumed on track.

Install was a little time consuming but otherwise fine, same as with the phone covers we covered.

Toast Made custom photo etching Google Home wrap Toast Made custom photo etching Google Home wrap

The wraps are significantly more durable than I would have expected. Based on the phone wraps we got they pretty much function as a thin case. Both Kim and my phones have taken tumbles and the Toast wraps held strong.

While your Google Home might not need a case, your other devices might. And why not get something that adds a little bit of you to the mix?

You can get Toast made wraps in real leather or wood for a ton of devices at their website. Prices vary based on what you want.

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