iClever 64G Lightning/USB 3.0 OTG drive review

iClever 64GB MFI Lightning and USB 3.0 driveiClever has a new flash disk out that allows you to easily move data off of an iPhone or iPad and onto a computer with a lightning connector on one end and a USB on the other. We’ve covered a few of these in the past and suffice is to say if you need this product you probably want to know how it performs.

The results are – decent. At least on my testing gear. Your experience may vary.

About 70MB/s reads, 32MB/s writes, or roughly 6,300 times faster than my first hard drive.

I had a few tests that showed more favorable results, one worse, but this is about right. They claim you can reach 90MB/s reads, I don’t doubt that. I beat their write claims by a meg a second nearly every time.

iClever 64GB MFI Lightning and USB 3.0 drive

On the iFront there’s an app you can download that allows one touch backups, along with data encryption.

The only issue I have with the thing is that it’s designed to be carried with you and when it is at least one plug is exposed to pocket lint. Personally I have about 15 USB covers laying around, but I don’t think most people are stocked up on those.

This sort of becomes an issue on the Lightning side as the MFI Lightning connector is extended slightly to handle bulkier cases. This means it’s potentially extra snappable. You’d probably best leave the cover over the MFI side as at least lint can be dug out.

It’s a decent little drive if you want to transfer data back and forth between Apple devices and anything with a USB attachment, and for that it fulfills its purpose perfectly.

The iClever 64G USB 3.0 Flash Drive is available from Amazon for $46.99.

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