Koogeek P2 WiFi Smart Plug lets you toggle power remotely

Koogeek P2 Smart PlugThe Koogeek Smart Plug P2 is a relatively inexpensive solution to turning the power on and off remotely without having to purchase a smart home hub.

It’s a self-contained device, connects to your WiFi, and both the power and a little nightlight ring can be turned on and off via the app, Alexa, Apple Homekit. They’re working on Google Home integration but don’t let that stop you.

Hah, I’m not that lazy!

I’m … well, I am but that’s not why I use this all the time. At work I’ve got a plant that filters some of the server room air. At home I’ve occasionally got the desire to run a shock treatment of my basement to kill off mold, mildew, bugs, etc.

For the plant, it’s nice to be able to turn it off when I forget and leave it on. For the ozone shock treatment it’s nice to turn it off way before I get home so my entire house doesn’t smell like it got hit by lightning.

Great for the paranoid

Convinced you left device X on that will burn your house down? Plug it into one of these and relax when you’re out by seeing that the plug is off.

Wondering if your house has burned down? Can you see the plug on the internet? Probably not burned down. Plug missing, sorry, your house has burned down or your WiFi or internet went down. One or the other.

Not great when a life is on the line

The only real issue I have with this in the current firmware/release is that there’s no option to turn on for a specific time and then turn off. No option to turn off if internet disappears.

This is the device that was part of the conspiracy to kill work plant. The WiFi access point went down, I couldn’t turn the filter off, was way away from work, stressed the plant to death. Series of unfortunate events that ended my Peace Lily. RIP Li’l Sebastian.

Paul critiques everything

Here’s what I don’t like about the product.

  • Fairly large, goes into other plug space making only standard plugs fit.
  • No auto off/auto on options.
  • Nightlight not quite useful, not automatic-able.
  • Audible click when device turns on. (not terribly loud, just not silent)
  • Only works on 2.4gHz WiFi, but doesn’t have a problem with dual-band
  • Priced currently higher than similar competitors

Koogeek P2 Smart Plug


Good plug, I’ve enjoyed it.

The Koogeek P2 Smart Plug is available from Amazon.

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