Tasker on sale – less than a $1? YES, please!

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Most of my readers probably have the app installed already. Tasker is on sale, so if you wanted to get another copy for the second Gmail account – now is the time. And while you at it, get a copy for your partner too! In addition to that, Tasker supports the family library and you can take advantage of this sharing the app with multiple users.

TASKER on sale

The usual price of Tasker has been lowered to £0.89 or ($0.99 for my USA friends)  from the usual $2.99. If you super short on funds this month, the sale should last 5 days (pending confirmation) which is plenty of time to earn some money for the app through Google Rewards system. To get the Tasker log into Google Play Store or use the link to get a copy yourself.

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Get Tasker on Google Play

If you don’t know what Tasker does, in short, it’s an excellent automation tool for Android devices. Thanks to Tasker you can automate your daily tasks, create interesting projects or export it and share it as Android apps. At the sale price, it is a real steal!

I mentioned Tasker multiple times in my various Raspberry Pi tutorials, so if you have been holding off for some time waiting for a bargain price – now it’s the time.  Tasker is a great way to extend your Raspberry Pi automation to the Android ecosystem. Take a look at our library of Tasker guides!

Since a lot of my home automation relies one way or another on Tasker, I will be getting an extra copy of it for my wife’s phone. She has recently joined the Android crowd. I want her experience with the OS to be stellar.

So go ahead, you know you want it! Once you have it installed – go and check out our beginner’s guide or all Tasker content!

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