The time has come for me to leave Sprint, suggestions?

Back in the G&E days the HTC EVO 4G and subsequent EVO products were on Sprint. I had a fairly solid reason for staying through the Carrier IQ scandal, WiMax failures, months of arguing with reps that a tower was not functioning, my account being hacked followed by a Sprint rep berating me for not paying a bill the hacker ran up, fake coverage map, molasses LTE deployment, etc.

I’ve also been fairly happy with my Sprint-sold HTC 10 up until recently, battery is showing signs of failing (power loss at 21% battery life, showing charged extremely quickly, yadda yadda,) and my littlest decided to knock the wife’s M9 at the perfect angle to shatter the screen. I mean it’s impressively shattered.

Each of these is a $70 or so repair, I know, and Sprint’s finally gotten acceptable, but the incentive is beating inertia and I’m thinking switch now, repair the phones, sell them. S-OFF HTC phones probably have a little more value than others, so who knows. Both are carrier unlocked/paid off, get a UICC unlock message occasionally.

As of late I’ve decided that the only real reason I root my phones any more is to remove carrier installed bloatware (which you can do via ADB we learned,) and have tethering for the occasions I want to stream something to my daughter’s iPad in the car, which is something every non-Sprint service offers now included in the cost.

While I’m looking at T-Mobile just due to some coworker’s experiences I’m wondering what your thoughts are?

What carrier do you love?
Ever transition a Sprint-sold phone to said carrier? How did you end up doing it?
What price are you paying for unlimited LTE? Tethering?
What carrier makes it the easiest?
What are the contract terms?
What phone works best with that carrier?

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