Along comes a nifty 6800mAh USB A/C quick charger with a Nifty name

Nifty 6800mAh Charger reviewIt takes a lot to get me to bat an eye at a portable charger any more, but Nifty has managed to catch my attention with their new 6,800mAh USB C and USB A charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and USB-C 3Amp/15 Watt charging.

The Nifty charger peaks at 24 Watts total output, so you can fully power one device and still positively charge another.

It comes with two flatline cables – a USB A to C, and a USB A to MicroUSB. So you can power pretty much any modern phone, tablet, computer device (they mention an additional 10 hours on a Macbook pro,) with the exception of something that needs a lightning connector. They sell flatline MFi cables separately if you need one.

Nifty 6800mAh Charger reviewNifty 6800mAh Charger reviewNifty 6800mAh Charger reviewNifty 6800mAh Charger review

It has all the standard safety features, pass through charging/recharging, has a battery they’re claiming is from the same MFGs as Tesla’s (500 recharges standard,) can charge and recharge on the same USB C port.

Overall, it’s … Nifty.

Nifty 6800mAh Charger review


Nifty 6800mAh Charger review

What can Paul possibly complain about?

If you’re an HTC 10 user, you may know that we break USB C specs and Qualcomm Quick Charge over USB C in blatant disregard for the standard and LOVE IT. Unfortunately you can’t QQC3.0 over the USB C port on this, you have to use the USB A and the C adapter cable in order to get our spec. You can, according to my rep, 3Amp charge and QQC at the same time although one of them is going to be diminished (probably the QQC).

The soft Nifty carrying pouch is a little tough to get the charger in and out of the thing.

Too much protective packaging.

A US based company that got hit by Hurricane Irma

I’m told by the PR company that last week the Miami based company was heading back to their offices and did not know what the status was so you might expect some supply issues in the next week or two.

Wow, that’s Nifty!

If you think that charger’s pretty cool, you can grab one at Amazon, or their website

Nifty what's in the box

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