How to install Snapchat on a rooted device

Snapchat on a rooted device

A while back my phone died. I believe it was due to a faulty battery failing at the same time some writes were going on, but whatever the case I had to reset it. Upon reinstall I just let Google reinstall the apps, I thought things were good, and this went on for about three or four days before my daughter asked to play with Snapchat.

It no longer let me log in and my Titanium Backup was now overwritten with the new data. I had been unaware that for a very long time it’s not allowed rooted users to log into the service. I presume this is to prevent people from taking screenshots, capturing video, etc.

All I wanted it for was for a four year old to be able to look like a dog and send short videos to friends of hers.

I tried a few things to hide root, but the simplest and most straightforward method I could locate operates like this:

  • Make a nandroid, just in case
  • Download the latest SuperSU binary, or whatever you require to root your device
  • Unroot your device (SuperSU, uninstall SuperSU)
  • Install Snapchat and log in
  • Re-root your device by flashing the binary, then reinstall the SuperSU app
  • Snapchat will work

There are other methods that I’m sure work, but as long as you’re comfortable with re-installing the SuperSU/Superuser apps you can do this in a couple of minutes (minus the Nandroid which we just did in case we broke something).


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