Voice assistance shouldn’t be this dense Google

Voice assistant micI’ll set the scene – yesterday my 4yo had been good at school, she had one request in the car and that was that I play the Moana soundtrack for her. Two days prior I could do something like say “play the Moana soundtrack” with Google Assistant and guess what would play – either the Moana Soundtrack or a Moana-inspired radio station.

While I didn’t have a lot of time to play with it in the car as we were driving I decided to see if there was any way I could use the assistant to play that soundtrack, and I can’t find any way.

“play the Moanna soundtrack” – gets me a song by Ben Folds Five (Brick,) and another by Three Days Grace (I Hate Everything About You)

“play the Moanna original motion picture soundtrack” – gets me Disney karaoke

And it’s not just that, this service that I’m paying for monthly looks like it’s actively attempting to play not what I’m asking for.

I mean I’ve always felt that Google Assistant was a bit dense, but it’s actively choosing to direct me away from what I’m asking for. I can ask in Google Play Music and it’ll pull it up and as long as I want to take my eyes off the road I can get what I’m looking for but that’s not much of a useful voice assistant.

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