Amazon Key maybe has some issues

Amazon Key is a service that allows Amazon to deliver packages by opening your door and leaving them inside your house. There’s a camera so that Amazon can prove the delivery person opened the door, inserted the package, closed the door and left. What more could you ask for for $250+installation?

Amazon Key

While I’m not going to bash this particular thing as a bad idea on its own – I mean hopefully Amazon and whatever WiFi door lock key they’re using can keep your unlock code safe, this presents some interesting security concerns.

Here’s what I think I know based on ownership of Amazon Key

  • You’re not at home during standard delivery hours
  • Your home doesn’t have a security system or it’s disabled on delivery days
  • You order items that make the $250 expense justifiable
  • You’re using a cloud-enabled connected smartlock
  • You do not have a pet or guard dog that might run out the door
  • Your phone has the ability to unlock your door
  • You are probably not letting guests in while you’re away to walk your dogs because you don’t have dogs
  • If there’s a cable running to the house I think I can disable your internet with a knife rendering the cloud camera useless

Here’s some speculation from me thinking like a burglar.

I believe I can locate houses with these locks based on sniffing mac addresses while driving

I believe I can identify a house with a security system on the door or windows by using a simple metal detector app. (It triggers within a foot of my door sensors)

I believe I can determine attack dog status by knocking on the door.

I believe I can get an Amazon hat and shirt and masquerade as a delivery driver and no one will look twice as I’ve had deliveries out of a Toyota Corrola before.

I believe going up with a package and a clipboard or a PDA, knocking on the door for a bit while neighbors are watching, then leaving is not going to arouse suspicions.

I believe unless the curtains are drawn I can tell whether a place is worth robbing pretty easily.

Is it worth it?

Beats me. I’ll tell you though I’d be terrified to be an Amazon worker having to open people’s meth dens and sex ovens. Passed out drug fueled naked partygoers and dead folk await the eyes of the delivery person I’m sure.

Do they have protocols for when someone’s screaming for help when they open the door to deliver a package? Seems like a serial killer or rapist’s dream setup.

Or maybe I’m wrong and this is the future.

You can get Amazon Key here

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